About Cheryl

Online Math Tutor

Grade 5 to Algebra 1

Everyone can do well in math!

It’s about a positive and determined mindset — and working with a great tutor!

I will help you strengthen your math skills and understand concepts according to your own learning style.  My students say that I give them lots of support and encouragement.

I believe that all students can achieve their dream career, and not let math stand in their way. 

I believe that MATH IS YOUR PATH!

Where do you want to go?

Cheryl Gullason

Cheryl’s Qualifications:

B. Ed. (OISE – Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto)

Senior Math Additional Qualification Upgrade 2015 (OISE)

Junior Division – Basic Qualification Upgrade 2016 (OISE)

B. Sc. (Biology, University of Guelph, Ontario)

MBA (University of Calgary) 

“…my son started achieving more than 99% on his quizzes and unit tests…”

                            Shazia Aslam




Cheryl is a great math teacher and tutor.  She knows how to build confidence in math.  Her students tell her that she is easy to talk to and that she really listens.  Cheryl has taught students with ADHD and dyscalculia.  Whether you’re struggling to catch up or you want to get an A+, Cheryl can help you with your math.


Cheryl has a B. Ed., B. Sc. and MBA.  Recently, she earned her Senior Math Additional Qualification from the University of Toronto.  Cheryl got an A+.  She worked really hard to get the A+, so she knows what it means to struggle and achieve in math.  


Cheryl was a classroom math teacher.  She has taught students from many different backgrounds, and with many different math skill levels.  She started teaching math online even before the Covid-19 pandemic, because she wanted to reach a wide variety of students.  

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